10 December 2008

Dyani Temiz Feza-Music for Xaba 1972 (sonet lp sntf642)

A small contribution to the south African thread running through these pages, and by way of a response to a request, here's Music for xaba a great fusion of free jazz , tribal psychedelia and those unforgettable township melodies.

All these players had strong associations with Don Cherry.. and these sessions have a marked resemblance to many of his projects...(long may he b4e remembered).
To those who are familiar with Cherry and the many classics in the free ethno tribal trance out sub genre, but don't know this..its well worth checking out.

note this is my rip, and thus different to that which first appeared at jizz relics,and has since done heavy duty in the blogosphere.
For my money feelings ,on side one and gorans soder the final track contain some of the best Feza playing on wax.

info and covers included in both flac and mp3 files.
recorded at theatre nine ,Stockholm Sweden November 2Nd 1972
Johnny Dyani-db, pno ,vox
Okay Temiz-drums and percussion
Mongezi Feza-trpt, perc,vox



sotise said...


fslmy said...

Weird, I just got this from someone last night

sotise said...

what ,someone gave you the record?
i dont suppose you have vol 2, used to have it ..would love to hear it again.

Wallofsound said...

soise, thanks for this. I have a couple of tracks at low res which I enjoy, so it's good to have the whole thing and in full fidelity.

Boromir said...

Thanks sotise. I remember seeing Feza playing a few times in London in the early 70s. I was fascinated by the fact that, unlike Dizzie Gillespie, whose cheeks used to blow up like balloons when he played, with Feza it was the sides of his neck that inflated, a bit like a cobra. Frightening site ! But a brilliant player.

serviceton said...

Fantastische !
C'est Feza
C'est Dyani
C'est bon !!

(Temiz is obviously okay too..)

merci sotise

Newk said...

I've also been trying to track down the other album by this trio. Anyone have that? I was listening to some later work by Temiz in a completely different context that was still very good.

kinabalu said...

Thanks for this one, Sotise. I do have two further albums with this line-up, so I'll see if I can get them posted at some point.

sotise said...

K..that would be kind of you ..thanks looking forward to it.

Solomon said...

Thank you.

tmorange said...

a few years ago i picked up from the blogs a release by this same lineup called "rejoice" (cadillac SCG 1017), but it contained six unidentified tracks whereas the only discog i could find listed only 4 tracks. was the recording i picked up mislabeled?

any clarification appreciated as i love the "rejoice" recording i have and am eager to hear more...

sotise said...

TMORANGE...i used to have the sonet version of rejoice and it only featured 4 tracks...im unaware of the cadillac release.

tmorange said...

sotise, i believe the cadillac LP to be a separate session and not a reissue of the sonet dates. the best explanation i've seen...
...unfortunately does not offer track listings for the cadillac session. this...
...lists only four tracks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot. Loaded more from your excellent blog than from any other blog. The comments are going to come after listening, which will take some time.
Best and above all thankful regards!!!

ghostrancedance said...

Nice to see that these files are still up...

Thanks so much for the share!

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

just duets said...


i guess sometimes it is good to come late to the party. reading the comments on a different blog, jizz, about the Rejoice, i found out the difference between 4 tracks listed and 6 tracks posted. the poster said that tracks B1 and B2:

" I should note--the last two tracks (B1&B2) are each split in half on this rip. For Dyani connoisseurs--B1 uses the same bass line as "Ithi Gqi", and B2 is AKA "Angolian Cry"."

so there r 4 titles and 6 files. one has to fix the SPLIT between files 3 & 4 and respectively 5 & 6. i guess in that case it will work.

interesting that finding this one complements the other 2 i found today on 2 different blogs.

also i found a " Cadillac records for sale" site were i've seen a bad/poor repro of the cover of the LP.

i hope all this helps to clarify the 3 different records. thanks for making this for a complete set. especially as flacs.

alan said...

THANKS FOR THE TRANSFER - i bought this in 1973

SOTISE said...

New Links To a Better rip of the same lp

matt w said...

Just downloaded this -- thank you!

DamNed (from France) said...

Thank you so much, Sotise !
I'm just discovering all this music, arriving through R. Wyatt > Mongezi Feza & Annie Whitehead.
Treasure-blog, pleasure-blog :-)
Congratulations for your big big work !

miloo2 said...

New CD rip