20 June 2013

September 7, 2003 Cecil Taylor Quintet FLAC


September 7, 2003

Cecil Taylor Quintet

Cecil Taylor (p)
Tony Oxley (d)
Tobias Netta (tpt)
Martin Mayes (fh)
Special guest: ANTONELLO SALIS (accordeon)
plus Tutta Oxley, vocals, at beginning of (1)
Martin Mayes, vocals, end of (1)

Piazza Del Nuraghe - Sant'Anna Arresi, Sardina, Italy "FREE: IN THE NAME OF FATHER AND SON"

2) 02:48 (encore)

Primary source: Suso Navarette (in personal email to jason), recording exists. Hannes Schneider 
for clarification on personnel and recording (CD-R copy of digital radio broadcast (on 2 CD-R).

Primary source: Martin Mayes, horn player with the Italian Instabile Orchestra and also with the 
Cecil Taylor quartet, wrote in email, to jason, march 16, 2004: The title of the concert on Sept 
7 which you give was the title chosen by the Festival organiser. The title of the piece we performed 
was "KANGOROOH HOPP". "concert was broadcast live on Italian radio"



upkerry14 said...
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upkerry14 said...


James Manion said...

Hello Bill, GREAT to see you here I haven't listened to it yet but I wanted to Thank you. I see you posted another CT I will thank you for that while I'm at it. Thanks

James Manion said...

Hey Bill juat wanted to say not the usual lineup for Cecil love the addition of Antonello Salis. He made a record with Nana Vasconselos on Soulnote that is really good. Thanks Mr. Bill

boldsouls said...

10 years later CT is live to see in Sant' Anna Arresi again, August 29 - and I'll also be there again!


Nick said...

Hi and thanks upkerry14

Any relation to upkerry13 or 12?

Thanks for this and definitely welcome from me


Anonymous said...

File z03 is only 35 MB rather than 190 MB. Please repost z03. Thanks.

Colin Green said...

I've had problems with all the CD1 files from Zippy - the only resource listed - which appear to be corrupted. The CD2 file is fine.

SOTISE said...

Bill, thanks for this... I'M also experiencing the Issue Colin Describes.... as he says file 3 is only 35 mb..

SOTISE said...

Actually the files are fine... Colin use 7 zip a freeware Program ,click on the first file and all three volumes of Disc 1 decompress to 400+meg...
Disc 2 is a stand alone rar

Craig Premo said...

Thanks for this and any Cecil Taylor you post!

matt w said...

Thanks! Great to hear Cecil in this unusual setting.

This and the Dixon-Oxley groups are the only occasions I know of where Cecil played with brass and no saxophones; does that sound right? (Looking through the sessionography it seems like there's a workshop date in 2000 with some brass, a synthesizer, and a couple of guitars....)

amnesia said...

3rd and 4th files are no longer on Zippyshare. Please could they be re-instated?

amnesia said...
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mew23 said...

New link (the original files in one archive)


onxidlib said...

Hey Mew23 - thanks a bunch.
You are really dependable!!!

amnesia said...

Thanks mew23

Colin Green said...

The link for this one might need refreshing. I don't seem to be able to download.